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Solar Hot Water Bundaberg

Solahart is the right choice  for  everyone who wants to save money on their power bills.

With solar hot water Bundaberg installed you can be someone who uses a lot of hot water every single day or you can be someone who just wants to reduce their power bills.

Solar hot water is the right solution no matter where you’re coming from.

Free hot water every day.

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Bright sunshine or cloudy days … it’s all the same to a solar hot water system

Solar hot water doesn’t stop working simply because it’s cloudy. A solar hot water system will go on working and giving you hot water on tap every single day.

You can have a solar hot water system installed and delivering hot water within 24 hours.

No situation is too big or too small

With over 60 different solar hot water systems to choose from there is always going to be at least one that’s right for your situation and you can rely on the experienced team at Solahart Bundaberg to match the perfect solar hot water system to your exact requirements.

You can save money on the installation too

There are still Government rebates available for the installation of a solar hot water system and to make it even easier Solahart as an attractive interest-free plan that will let you stretch your payments over 12 months

So why wouldn’t you want to save money by installing a hot water system that delivers all your hot water free from the Sun?


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discover how easy it is to enjoy hot water … free from the sun

Solar power installers Bundaberg

Solar hot water Bundaberg

Solar hot water Bundaberg

Solar Hot Water Bundaberg